Walmart’s Midtown Miami Plans Again Unanimously Rejected

21 Feb

Architectural advisory panel rejects design plans for Midtown Miami Walmart

The UDRB (Urban Development Review Board) Meeting on 2/20/13 took place at Miami City Hall and the Walmart application was denied 6 to 0.  Board members expressed many reservations about Walmart’s scheme.

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In addition, because the meeting was too long, there was no time to bring up the problems with Walmart’s desire to change NE 31st Street into three (3) lanes from two (2) lanes.  Walmart announced on the record that it would kill, or move, all 24 “palm and shade” trees on 31st Street.  (Walmart needs to widen the street for its trucks and customers …)  In addition, it appears Walmart wants to remove the parallel parking on both sides of NE 31st Street.

Also, Walmart wants to remove all the landscaping bulb-outs, narrow the gutters, and narrow the sidewalks, not too mention that somehow they are expecting to get 18 wheelers into Midtown Miami and then get these same 18 wheelers to make 90 degree turns onto a ramp going to the second floor of the proposed building?

Since these changes, and others,  appear to violate the specific rules in the Midtown Overlay District shouldn’t Walmart be requesting a Variance and hence shouldn’t Walmart go through the full Major Use Special Use public hearing process?


One Response to “Walmart’s Midtown Miami Plans Again Unanimously Rejected”

  1. Peter Ehrlich March 12, 2013 at 4:59 am #

    Walmart has submitted an application that violates the Midtown Overlay District. For example, Walmart wants to kill or relocate all 24 trees on NE 31st Street between N. Miami Ave and Midtown Blvd. Walmart wants to narrow all the sidewalks and eliminate all the parallel parking. Walmart’s goal is to covert that tree lined two lane street into a 3-4 lane thoroughfare for its 18 wheelers and SUV’s.

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